<h3>Your health check-up</h3>

Your health check-up

Grow old, stay young with the Prevention First Principle.

For us, the importance of medical check-ups is going beyond the scope of disease prevention.
In terms of the increasing complexity of professional requirements as well as the extension of people’s working life, health promotion and prevention are an anticipating investment for companies in the productivity of their employees and thus in entrepreneurial success.

For the professionally committed individual, it offers efficient possibilities to stimulate their health, experience a noticeably higher quality of life and enjoy it for a long time.

Dr. Med. Johannes Scholl,
Founder Prevention First

Prevention First is the principle for a conscious and active life. It helps each individual gain more quality of life and ensures that a company will have more efficient employees.

Experience the benefit of the Prevention First principle.

Since 2001, Prevention First has been offering preventive health check-ups. Our recommendations are based on the latest findings about the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, cancer and mental illness. For us, our patients are partners at eye level. Each of our specialists takes care for only two patients per day. Thus the time we can devote to each patient is our big plus.

We explain medical issues in a manner which everybody will understand.We communicate specifically which possibilities exist for health promotiion and which benefits they bring: efficient employees for the company and more quality of life for everyone.


The Check-Up benefits summary

Your health in the focus of our efforts

The Prevention First health check-up begins at 8.00 in the morning and ends around 3.00 in the afternoon. Your personal doctor will accompany you through the whole check-up program. He will extensively discuss the medical questionnaire which you have completed in advance.

 At the end of the following internal check-up and the ultrasound scan of the abdominal organs, you can enjoy the Prevention First breakfast and revitalize yourself for the next stations of your check-up. Next, your doctor will examine your heart, the carotid arteries and the thyroid before he checks your pulmonary function and defines objectively the state of your physical fitness.

 In the detailed final discussion after the lunch break, the doctor will explain the results of the check-up to you.
Together you work on possible suggestions in furtherance of your health.

accordeon-img Overview
  • Preliminary Talk

    Discussion of the detailed medical questionnaire

    • family history, pre-existing conditions, current symptoms, stress and lifestyle
  • Physical examination
  • Laboratory tests
    • extensive blood tests
    • urine sample
    • stool test (for colorectal cancer prevention)
  • Ultrasound scan of the abdominal organs

    Ultrasound scan of the thyroid

  • Cardio-vascular examinations

    Cardio-vascular examinations

    • Echocardiography (colour Doppler ultrasound of the heart)
    • Pulmonary function test at rest
    • ECG at rest
    • Exercise test (bycycle) as an assessment of physical fitness (including spiroergometry and lactate measurements)
    • Ultrasound measurement of the intima-media-thickness ("vascular age")
    • Colour duplex ultrasound examination of the carotid and vertebral arteries (blood supply to the brain)
  • Eyes and ears
    • examination of the acuteness of vision in the near and far range
    • examination of the acoustic range
  • Personal Trainer Session

    Personal Trainer Session in our fitness studio: from theory to practice

  • Final discussion-Final report
    • Discussion of results
    • Assessment of the current health status and future health potential
    • Assessment of the risk of a myocardial infarction or stroke with a long-term perspective
    • Discussion of burn-out risks and stress competence
    • Specific recommendations regarding nutrition, training, stress management and burn-out prevention

    Final report

    • Understandable explanation of the results
    • Summary of the therapeutic suggestions and recommendations for health promotion
  • Costs

    The professional fee for the Prevention First check-up is calculated on the basis of the Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ) (medical fee schedule for german doctors). If you want to claim the check-up fee from your private health insurance, please clarify the reimbursement of the cost beforehand. On request, we will send you a list of the possible exams and associated costs included in the check-up.


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“It is easier to maintain good health through proper exercise and diet, than to regain it, once it has been lost.”

Dr. Kenneth Cooper MD (*1931, Cooper Clinic, Dallas/USA)